Perfect Storm Can Change The World

Perfect Storm of Awakening to Our Unity
Perfect Storm of Awakening to Our Unity

Perfect Storm of Awakening to Our Unity

Perfect Opportunity to Change the World

We are now in a perfect storm of possibility to change the world, but will we realize this then use the opportunity for an awakening and renewal of the Oneness and unity of life, or remain mired in separation based fear and divisiveness?

With our current abilities to communicate with each other globally, we are in a perfect state to see how separation based thinking and behavior is at the root of disharmony, struggle, misery, and destruction of life and planet more than ever in human history.

We are seeing all over the world how the same sort of motivations lead to the same sort of discord, now able to realize that what we may be personally experiencing locally is not such a secluded event or type of behavior.

Are these events we are becoming aware of all around the world serving to awaken us more, so that we will come to perceive differently, make different choices, take different actions . . . basically being the change through release of our strong attachments to previously acquired ideas, concepts, and beliefs, as being the only real and true.

With our open communication, and the triggering of enhanced awareness of local and world events, we are in a perfect storm where a major shift can be made . . . should we choose to not allow this storm to pass without our personal participation . . . for we cannot remain in the shadows allowing just a few to direct how our societies function if we desire change and a shift into more unity.

Your separation begets more separation

If we look at our lives and our societies as great experiments, we can easily see that much of what has been “tested” up to now is not giving us the results We truly want. Rather we have been relegated to figuring ways to make due in systems which in themselves do not serve us.

We are chasing our tails as long as we continue to operate within the paradigm of separation . . . fooling ourselves while thinking our efforts to change, fix, and correct what we term as ‘problems’ will have any affect. Where the only true problem is the perception and persistent operating perspective of Separation, all so called ‘problems’ are but symptoms of this.

Your awakening serves change

It comes down to each of us Being the change we want in the world. We are experiencing individually and all over what happens when we go along with the mindset of Separation, and wait for others to choose and instigate specific thinking and behavior we accept as normal . . . the Whole of a society, or the World is not served!

As long as each of us perceives and operates as Separate, we will be disconnected with each other and the planet, we will keep trying to exclusively do and have for ourselves, we will be serving and feeding the continuation of what we see now in the world, we will not see change . . . we will not enjoy unity!

Be a Seed of Unity

unity rather than separation” width=”247″ height=”158″ /> Contribute seeds of unity rather than separation

What we call Peace will not come about as long as we are operating in the perceptual paradigm of Separation, only in coming to recognize our innate Oneness which opens us to our unity, will we experience peace.

Only through opening up to change and operating through a different paradigm will we alter our lives individually, socially, and globally.

Change will only come as we each are willing to let go of our own Separation based paradigm of perspective, thought patterns and behaviors. As clinging to what we think we have, what we are accustomed to and comfortable with, which is based in Separation, is serving to continue and even enhance our Separation of people and planet.

Opportunity is upon us, each of us, to seed and Be The Change.

Will you step into the shifting energy of this perfect storm to contribute to our unity as people and planet, or will you sit back and allow it to just enhance Separation? Your perspective, thinking, and actions all are based on a foundational perception of either separation or Oneness and unity . . . you can choose!

Be the Seed of Unity

Will we feed the storm in restoring unity of life, or will we allow it to be destructive, further separating?

Your perspective, thoughts, and actions are seeds spread through the storm, which will Be The Change.



John Halderman

I've been studying about life, how it works and what we can do with it for over 30 years. This has included many religions, philosophies, spirituality, psychology and sciences along with my own personal discovery and growth. Through all this I have come to feel we are all of one source. We have many varied descriptions of this source and our role within it, with a thread of commonality running through them all connecting our oneness. I feel that our putting more attention to this oneness is what will bring us together as one operating force of love and understanding. It is my purpose to help oneness and unity to become our functional reality. John Halderman

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