About Unity Living Consciousness,

My intent with this site is to help connect people who are seeking to understand and play a role in the advancing consciousness of earth, and to make available information and resources which support this shift.

Please take this in the context that it is given, from a place of love and unity with all, as one. I will not say that I have all the answers on how this change will come about and what it will look like. I want to help people see the common connection we all have, to know our innate Oneness. I intend to help further all the various ways that people are contributing to a more unified humanity. I feel as people with open minds pursue our common connection, the ways in which it comes together will unfold.

The New Vision For Humanity On Earth

This has been coming for many years, some saw, felt or predicted it many years ago, but now there is a restlessness felt by many people. It’s been called “The Age Of Aquarius”, The New Earth”, “The New Age”, “The Second Coming”, “The Awakening”, and described as various 2012 predictions to name a few. There are different theories and explanations for this, most seem to culminate around the same time period.

Many have had the vision and the desire of a new way of living for some time, now there is a flood of people seeking a deeper understanding about life and a new way to live. Yet many have felt there is little to nothing they can do individually to have any affect on the existing ego based behavioral reality of the world, I feel that is ready to change.

What is it?

A shift in the basic operating mentality of the world. When we awaken to our real power, operating as our true selves, the predominate stronghold that ego based mentality has held throughout history is replaced. This is a transformation of the human operating consciousness on a global level, from an ego to a love based mentality.

In the world we have many different explanations about our existence and guidance for living which most all have merit, but people seem to have a tough time treating each other very well. Predominantly, we are still treating each other as separate, focusing on the differences, and allowing selfishness to be our guide. It’s time we take a deeper look at our overall behavior.

We must ask ourselves, why we act this way? Why are we not actually living in accordance with our best knowledge about life? Is our understanding of the knowledge skewed or incomplete? Are we not fully aware? Many have been asking why, and seeking answers, with more and more doing so everyday. They feel that there is another way to live with one another and they are pursuing it. In a loving oneness mentality.

Critical Mass

Once oneness is seen and felt by enough people, a critical mass will develop and the basic mode of human operation on this earth will change rapidly. We will treat ourselves and each other in such a different manner we will seem like a different species! In realizing that critical mass will occur when just a percentage of people are in alignment, you can see that efforts you make in your own life and in how you interact with others does have a great impact on the whole.

Your thoughts and feelings are energy which not only affect you, but the people you interact with, as well as the total earth consciousness. One of the intentions for this site is to help people come together, to see what others are doing related to oneness. And for you to see that what you are thinking and feeling is not so strange and isolated. There are millions of people who know there is a shift occurring and are altering their own behavior, but are disconnected.

The Unity Of Oneness

Selfishness and separation are the root of our human problems, once we can see our oneness, those should dissipate. Can you image what the global community of man will be like when we are focused on unity, serving each other harmoniously. Well, that is how we are designed, we are just slightly off the path. I feel we can operate in unity while enjoying our individuality, it does not have to be an either or proposition.

With our unique ability to think consciously and choose, we have the ability to change our life experience through the management of our thoughts. Through a deeper understanding of how the human mind functions and how this affects our perceptions and beliefs, we can better learn to manage our thinking and behavior. Allowing ourselves to open our minds to new and different ideas, and interpretations, we can begin to see the world and our role in a whole different light.

I challenge you to possibly change the way you look at things. To move away from thinking that is separating, and towards thinking that is inclusive, unifying. To see the oneness of all that exists. What if we ask ourselves a few simple questions?

What meaning can I find with knowing everyone is from the same source?

What can I do to see and express oneness with others?

What can I locate in the teachings I follow that speaks to the oneness of all mankind?

What can I find that speaks to the oneness of everything?

What can I do to help others feel the oneness we share?

How can I notice our connectedness rather than separation?

How can I reduce my fear of others?

How can I help others feel more comfortable with me?

How can I see that all explanations of life are attempts at describing the same thing?

How can I understand that everything I, we, believe is based on our own perception?

How can I see that the various explanations for life are not as important as life itself?

How can I allow others the right to see life their way, and know we are one?

On this site I will be sharing my thoughts about what I have discovered in 35 years of studying life and what I continue to learn. As well, I will bring many other viewpoints and resources together so we can all continue to advance into living a higher unity consciousness.  We are all in this together, it’s time we made an effort to act like it, it’s the responsibility of each of us.

Love, oneness, harmony and peace,

John Halderman