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The Living Unity

Consciousness Movement

I am very pleased that you are part of this Movement,

​that alone is extremely important and supportive.


Another way you can support this movement is monetarily…

there are expenses to set up and run this,

which will increase as the Movement grows.


I have now jumped fully into this movement and have been

covering all expenses myself.


At some point I would like to see our overall perception

of money and how we use it change,

though it is how we cover our expenses currently.


To be clear, at this time we are not officially a non-profit,

at some point we may choose to go that route.


Any amounts are helpful and appreciated,

with an ongoing commitment being very beneficial.

​Your monetary support is of course voluntary,

I do not want to make your participation or the benefits

you receive from this movement to be based on a requirement to pay.

The information I produce to help with knowing your/our innate connection,

​with understanding what we are doing, why, and how, 

will be readily available to you without cost.

At some point there will likely be special events or programs

that may have specific costs as needed.

There will be third party products and programs offered to

help you individually and our overall change efforts, 

which LUC may earn a commission on, 

to help with funding this operation. 

Below are some supportive options to choose from…


I Thank You for your support with furthering our efforts to assist

with the shift humanity needs to become 

more unified, compassionate, and cooperative.

- John Halderman

Be The Change   -  Together We Are The Shift

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​Note: If you want to pledge a different amount for Monthly Ongoing Support, please send request so that we can set it up. Contact Support