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The Living Unity Consciousness Vision  

​Humanity functioning in cooperative unity, as our innate connection with all people and the planet

Through this movement we intend to
  • Assist individuals with re-realizing their/our innate connection as One Humanity.
  • Eliminate divisive behavior, and the divide and conquer techniques that keep people separated, disempowered, and manipulated.
  • Operate as connected, which leads to cooperative Unity, resulting in more consideration, compassion, and peace.
This will be accomplished through
  • Raising awareness of the human condition, and the need for a major shift of our foundational perceptions about life and self.
  • Understanding of the root of all human caused problems.
  • Massive education about our innate Oneness, how the mind works, and what we can do with it.
  • Assembling the largest group of people ever joined together in human history.
  • Bringing together the various individuals, groups, and organizations, already intending and working towards this shift.
  • Assembling an Online hub of information, resources, and services to assist and support each of us.
  • Establishing physical and online groups where people gather, communicate, and support each other and the shift.
  • Utilizing the same marketing and advertising methods used to influence us to accept, participate, and buy most everything.
  • Operating experiential entertainment, awareness, and connection multi-featured concept shows.

Watch the video below to see …

​What we intend to do, Why this is crucial for all of us,How we intend to do it, ​Why THIS Has Never Been Attempted Before! ​​and What it can mean to YOU and EVERYONE…

Are You Ready To Be the Change

Our intention is to put together the largest group humanity has ever known, all of us operating together as One, 
for the purpose of re-realizing and re-living our innate connection with all humanity… with the Whole of Life.
If you have had enough of the same ineffective or “My Way” attempts at changing harmful human behavior and
the exclusive self-serving Divide, Conquer, and Manipulate schemes,
then… you are ready for 
this New Approach to finally addressing the root of all human caused “problems”
For the first time!
Together we are more powerful than the forces that divide us…
Together We make it happen! 

​ONENESS ​Our Innate Connection

Re-discover, understand, and come to Know your innate connection with everyone, with Everything.

A Connected Society, World

​How operating as connected, our societies and the world change. 

How we eliminate the perpetuated separation of Divide and Conquer.

– Coming Soon

You Can Help  With Support And Actions

​Joining with us is helpful and supportive. Even more opportunities to help support and further the Movement are available. – Coming Soon

At the Root of Any Change is Perception

Albert Einstein said,

“We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking

we used when we created them.”

In addition…

“We cannot change our thinking with the same perceptions

that are at the foundation of the thinking.” 


​- John Halderman

Unifying Activities to Support

Projects and change efforts you can support and get involved with. 

Add your energy, support and efforts to increase the power and influence helping to enhance their speed and impact. – Coming Soon

Connecting with Related Resources

Connect with other individuals and groups who are advancing our connection and unity with people and the earth. – Coming Soon

Progress and Information News

What is going on related to awareness, opportunities, and progress with people, communities, societies and the world. – Coming Soon

People connected together

Calendar of Events and Opportunities

See what is going on with our activities as well as the many connected groups and projects that you can get involved with and support to enhance their effect. 

– Coming Soon

Helpful Programs, Products, and Services

​There is a lot of help and support available to assist with your personal growth, awakening, and re-discovering your innate connection… and more. – Coming Soon

LUC Glossary of Words and Terms

​Offering clarity with how some words and terms are used here, to help alleviate misunderstanding and confusion with the intended meanings. – Coming Soon

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