Our Unified Connection – Innate Oneness

Our Unified Connection - Innate Oneness
Our Unified Connection - Innate Oneness

Our Unified Connection – Innate Oneness

It is when You, We, can bridge the chasm created by our individuality and differences appearing as an actual Separation that You, We, will See and treat all people as ourselves, and operate in a functional unity.

You will not mistreat anything you think you are part of, such as any aspect of your own body.

It is only when you perceive a Separation to something that you can fear it, disdain it, hate it, mistreat it, dishonor it, denigrate it, harm or kill it, because it does not comply with your acquired Separation based concept of self.

You were and Are part of all Humanity, the Whole of Life, connected with Everything, before you learned to perceive any Separation from it.

You operate through perception, thus your functional perspective represents how connected or separate you perceive as your concept of self.

…You can alter your Foundational Perceptions about Life and Self.

Operating as One, connected and unified we thrive, in separation we don’t!







John Halderman

I've been studying about life, how it works and what we can do with it for over 30 years. This has included many religions, philosophies, spirituality, psychology and sciences along with my own personal discovery and growth. Through all this I have come to feel we are all of one source. We have many varied descriptions of this source and our role within it, with a thread of commonality running through them all connecting our oneness. I feel that our putting more attention to this oneness is what will bring us together as one operating force of love and understanding. It is my purpose to help oneness and unity to become our functional reality. John Halderman

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