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Who else is frustrated, and really fed up, with 
how little human behavior has changed
in forever
...even after centuries of trying?

What if No one has yet focused on 
the one thing at the root of all change,
something that all human behavior conforms to?


The single human error

​We can Now finally do something about!

John Halderman

Hi, my name is John Halderman,

What if I told you that there is a way to change individually, socially and globally so that you feel better, improve your life, and we all get along in a more harmonious and unified manner? 

What's it worth to you? Enough to invest a little time to find out what has been missing and how We can do something about it? 

This is not how people have looked at change before, it’s not just another new name for the same methods tried for centuries with limited results.

I don't think this has ever been done before!

​...thus it's not something fully explained with a meme, a soundbite , or a social post, ​the existing perspective you are accustomed to won't change that fast.

The point is,

                   Are You Ready?

How committed are you to actually 
changing the world?

Enough to face the frustration with

how little 

human behavior has actually changed?

If so, allow me to help you see Change in a New Light,

              ...in a way it's never been understood before!

with the help of this scorpion,

doing something this scorpion can't do!
Giant Scorpion

To envision a better world, a more equitable society, a shift in humanity where people get along, are more understanding, compassionate and loving, more cooperative!

Think of a couple of things you would like to see changed for the better…

Children smiling

​Ok, are they related one of these...

Hatred, selfishness, greed, racism, unhealthy food, water quality, inhumane conditions, war, divisiveness, healthcare, social inequities, economy, manipulation, crooked government, the environment?

What if I told you, these are not really "problems" at all!

And Not labeling them as Problems is the only way to change them! 
You will see in a minute why terming them as "Problems" ... we perpetuate them…

Not a problem
Snail slow

First, would I be correct to say, you are feeling somewhat frustrated with the slow speed of beneficial change in our world, and you wonder why so many people appear to not care, some even seem to purposefully cause more issues?

​And you wonder why so many people appear to not care, some even seem to purposefully cause more issues? 

Do you feel confused...alone...blaming others... maybe even guilty, about what is not being done to make progress towards a better society, and a world we can all get along in?

...and do you sometimes struggle with wondering how you can personally help effect real change for society, the world, and yourself?

What if there is a way to greatly enhance real change, where you can be fulfilling your desire to 'Be The Change' the world needs and realize you are making a positive contribution to a more unified, peaceful, world.

​That this is something everyone could be doing,
simply by leveraging the power of One new revolutionary technique that enables you to effectively connect your dreams with the dreams of many people,
you will experience the power of making effective change benefiting yourself and everyone.

man contemplating

This unique approach to changing human behavior will turn struggling visionaries into inspiring success stories who are affecting positive change...


Shortly, you will recognize, in ways never done before through all of human history!

​Listen, I get it if this sounds too good to be true.

And it's only normal to feel a bit skeptical... seeing what's going on in the world today!

Let me ask you this:
Would hearing more about this new method interest you if I virtually guaranteed it would save you years, even decades, of continued heartache and disappointment, from just watching things continue on as they have?

Stick with me here and you'll see exactly how we will be pulling off what humanity has struggled with forever...

...and how you can participate with the greatest shift in how we live and interact,

...and why I showed you that scorpion!

PLUS: I'll reveal the REAL reason why the commonly used methods to change human behavior for the better have had little to no real positive results
yet are constantly promised as solutions, often leaving us worse off than before.

It's a reason very few, if any, "experts" talk about, yet it's the one single factor behind any and all real change in human thought and behaviorthat every serious change maker must understand in order to succeed, in their life, and for the world.

Just a word of warning: 
The odds are against you or anyone making any real change until you get this... unless you are doing it accidentally!


I'm not a pessimist, but we must face the historical evidence,


most of human behavior has not really 
changed much!
Upset child

Now, this is not taught in schools, and most “experts” don't yet get itit is not what is accepted based on their conventional training.

So please, allow your mind to be open here...

Are you aware how scary it is to think;

​We just continue going along with the current methods trying to fix or improve human behavior, promising a better life, yielding the same kinds of results over and over?

Or, that we keep allowing ourselves to be divided and manipulated by the status-quo, those individuals and groups perpetuating their exclusive self-serving agendas?

And consider that the failure rate for people who leave it to 'others', choosing to do nothing about changing the world, their society, or themselves... is a perfect 100%!

And, as frightening as it may sound, the people who expect all others to change, yet not themselves, 
are perpetuating the reason humanity is not changing.

The continuation of those prospects does not bode well for you or any of us,
...we need something more than just endless band-aid fixes that don't seem to actually resolve much of anything.

We need a different way of approaching things, that instigates real change at the root level of the cause! 

​So, why should you listen to me with this? 
I'm not so special, except, I just didn't follow along so well with the commonly accepted definitions and explanations. My mind went in other directions, connecting the dots in unusual ways... viewing and thinking differently all my life, has led to this.

For 43 years I've studied how life works and what we can do with it, from various different angles. Investigating many areas of science, psychology, philosophy, religion, spirituality... looking deeper into various ideas, their common connections, and practical applications.

All this without my getting deeply entangled with any one set of ideas, perspectives, or teachings, allowing me to see the forest through the trees in ways not commonly noticed.

This unattached perspective and open contemplation led to discovering the foundational key behind all human behavior, our personal foundation of operation, 
leading to how any major change must take place with ourselves, our societies, and the world.

Believe me, it wasn't that long ago when I didn't think any of us could have much affect on anything other than minor changes to society, or the world, even making changes with my personal life had it's challenges!

Yet I curiously persisted, allowing my intuition to speak, refusing to give in to “the way it is” and “how it has always been” perspectives. Feeling deeply there was more to Why we function as we do, and what we can do with it!

What you're about to hear is raw and unfiltered, and it isn't the normal self-improvement, feel good pablum.

This may be somewhat challenging, as it is not constrained by any of the theories and concepts commonly accepted.

I won't censor or sugar coat anything, even when it flies in the face of some conventional wisdom, we absolutely cannot continue using the same basic concepts and thinking that have us perpetuating the same old patterns, can we!

I will do my best to explain this in ways that allow you to see it for yourself, I feel the lessons I learned along the way will save you months, years, even a lifetime of frustration.

Crows free

At age 22 I was very perplexed with all the different explanations about life and how they appeared to be the cause of so much confusion, disagreement, even hate and fighting. I set an intention to find the commonality between all the various ideas expressed from religions, spirituality, philosophy, psychology, and science...

which I feel I have discovered after many years of open-minded, unattached, study and contemplation.

For most of my life I've had a voracious curiosity with how we can improve or enhance our lives, much of which I implemented for myself, experiencing many beneficial results...


yet there seemed to be certain aspects of how I functioned which remained unchanged, as if there was something holding me back. It seemed like there was a wall or something I could not penetrate, something to do with repeating mental patterns that didn't serve me well.

And this seemed to be the case not just with myself and other individuals I talked with, also on the macro level of society... all of humanity!

...more on this in a minute

Through many years, I would go back and forth between focusing on fine tuning my own thought and behavior, and being deeply focused more on the “life” reality of family, work, money, and security... then in 2009 after a period experiencing several years in and out of frustration,

...I drew a line in the sand ...

declaring not to go on as I had been, to get to the root of why I was stuck with repeating automatic patterns 
that seemed to be holding me back.
Draw a line in the sand

… No More!


Then, over a year of digging deeper into my psyche, using various techniques and methods, contemplating a multitude of ideas and concepts, resulting in a much clearer realization of myself and Life ...

That was how I started ...and now?

It has evolved to what I'm sharing with you here!

The life I'm living now has opened and expanded in so many ways, enabling me to See real possibility for humanity to make a major shift

And how each of us plays a role, a very important role!
Unity puzzle

...it really turned around for me personally once I discovered and started using what I'm sharing with you here today.

First, let's get clear on your primary intentions with changing the world, and yourself...

This Is What You Really Want (Let's Be Honest)

You desire to be free... to fully express yourself, to live peacefully and be happy, interacting with people harmoniously,
without a lot of restriction, struggle, or resistance that we are so accustomed to.

optimist dreamer

And you may want to see the whole of humanity operating as a functional unity with the planet,

in a respectful and caring manner, without harm and destruction!
       … and without constant anxiety and fear!

In support of this, you want to see some real change in the world...

​Perhaps even to Be The Change yourself, 
       ...able to easily participate with positive change intentions and actually realize effective results
Say Yes
If you're anything like me, you want ALL of this...

  • Making the world a better place for everyone...
  • All people living peacefully, connected in a harmonious unity,
  • Societies serving and supporting all people …
  • Freely moving forward furthering beneficial change, unobstructed.
  • Government leaders honoring and respecting the needs of all people.
  • Businesses valuing life over an exclusive profit motive…
  • All human value respected
  • Everyone enjoying freedom of self expression
  • All people honoring the earth as our life support system
  • Enjoying the process of your life

However, the stakes are higher than you think,

while I've already clarified that most efforts to change basic human behavior in the past have not been very effective...

I am beyond confident that the concept I'll share here now will give you new hope and spectacular success when it comes to supporting and realizing real change,

   ...and that by taking action from the right perspective you can realize many more dreams 
for yourself, society, and the world.


just know this:

there are serious consequences for

Not taking, the right action!

Besides continuing to accept the same old band-aid change promises,
...you may also fear that the way things are cannot be changed

Now that's the worst case scenario, 
but this IS basically what people have been allowing to go on, since I don't know when!

We must ask...
could we end up killing off humanity or destroying our planet home,
 if we just continue on as we have been?

And neither of us wants this to continue happening to you, me, or anyone,
so it's time now for us all to get moving in a new direction!


First, let me tell you how my story turned out:
My life became very different, 
the real turning point came when something momentous happened…
While doing my self work and research into how Life works, 
I got the profound realization that I am connected to everything...

not just an intellectual idea, rather a deep feeling and a Knowing,

...which I came to realize is our inherent Oneness, our innate connection to all people, to the planet, to the Whole of Life.
Mountain lake

This is what we are, before we acquired ways to perceptively separate ourselves from others!

​This is what many scientists are finding, that everything is made of the same “stuff”, an undefined “energetic something” which becomes everything!

Knowing this inherent connection changed the way I perceived most everything in my life and the world...

this altered my state of being to where I am no longer so judgmental, reactive and stressed,
...now more calm and peacefully in the moment.

And I came to know that I am more than the self identity I had thought I was, yet this feeling of connection didn't eliminate nor diminish any individuality...
I actually gained everything I had previously been selectively excluding with my specifically defined concept of 'self'.

The biggest shift I experienced with this realization was with my perspective, how I functioned day to day, ​instead of what I desired for my self being exclusively for just me, what I wanted for myself now included all people!

Basically look at it like this... the same way that you honor, respect, and care about all the individual parts of your body as your whole body,
...you see all people as parts of the Whole Humanity!
I'll be sharing more with you about this and how it wonderfully expands your life, in the days to come.

For now,
this experience also led me to discover how any individual, an entire society, and
even the whole of humanity can make a shift to thinking and acting as One Functional Unity,
by KNOWING we are interconnected...

This changes everything!

Eye see

Haven't you noticed how people will treat someone they perceive connected with 
somehow better than those people they think they are not connected to?

​A Perception of Connection changes everything!

So believe me when I say:

    there is a lot of hope and possibility for us,
​with how we can change for the better

​Now let me ask you something:

What would your life look and feel like if...

This could help you erase the challenges you have faced with living the life you deeply desire for yourself and all people?

Wouldn't you enjoy seeing the changes you want for the world realized, people getting along harmoniously, feeling calm and peaceful, and freely expressing themselves?


This is individually experienced by
many people who already realize they are inherently connected
with the Whole of Life, with all people.  
...even though much of the world is currently embroiled in separation based turmoil!
​and I want the same for you!
Pointing finger

I truly feel that by following my realization, you too can enjoy a world where people get along and thrive as a unified society.

I say this with quite a bit of confidence because of the thousands of men and women much like you are already living this way​,
... enjoying life more, and being the change they want for the world and for themselves 
... resulting in each contributing to a more compassionate, peaceful, world.

First, make sure you

Don't Get Trapped With These 3 Common Lies And Myths

There is a ton of bad advice out there when it comes to realizing your dreams for a peaceful world, using much of the same thought and perspective that has gotten us into this predicament.

For starters, you may believe some things just can't be changed...
It's a myth called,

“That's just the way it is”

... I used to buy into that lie myself!

However the truth is, nothing has to remain as it has been, in fact it doesn't
...though we may try to make it remain the same!

You can check with Mother Nature on that!

And once you discard that mistaken belief, you may also find that the popular myth...

“We have no choice, just waiting and suffering for many years hoping for any substantial progress”
...also falls by the wayside...

Many folks I know bought into this one...
but believe it or not progress comes relatively fast when you do it as a unified cohesive group.

Another common myth with many people wanting a better life, is a real motivation killer!

You may fall victim to the myth, "The experts and authorities will take care of it"

​But believe it or not,
it is only when you, I, and many others get together that real change can and will occur...

as the experts and authorities are too often focused on their own exclusive agendas!
Allowing these myths to obliterate your motivation and diminish your power leads to apathetic frustration, leaving you with hoping and praying somehow it will get better,

...simply put, you don't think you or anyone can change "the way it is"!

Or, you participate in that ever present energy draining activity, complaining!

So how did all this misinformation get to being so common? 

Some believe it's all thanks to our education system guiding us to accept and believe only certain ideas,
and some feel that certain leaders and the media perpetuate division by inflaming fear, anger, and hate.

...while I lean toward thinking it's the individuals, groups and organizations, who emphasize and perpetuate differences.
there is one universal truth when it comes to living in a more unified,
compassionate world,
and it just so happens to be, not the basis of how most people are functioning now!

What's truly holding us back is much deeper than previously considered: and clearly quite insidious!

It's the root cause of all those commonly blamed reasons for undesirable behavior.
Root Cause
If you want to know what's really holding you back from
realizing your dreams
of a peaceful world for you and everyone it's this:

...   ​Separation   ...

- the perceived concept that we are not connected to each other, or anything,
​that each of us is all alone and must fend for ourselves.

...thus, the root of thinking
that you must exclusively do and get everything for yourself, 
including self-value,
​then justify, validate, and protect it at all cost! 

And this leads us to exclusively group together only with people we feel some specific connection with.

From this perception of being separate, we are easily divided individually or as smaller groups through highlighting differences as something to be feared and hated.

Individuals, groups, organizations, and governments have long used the Divide and Conquer technique to influence and control people for centuries,

...essentially, separating people reduces their power and influence, while leading to fear, hatred, distrust, fighting, and killing of each other.​

This divisive manipulation serves to break apart the powerful masses into small groups which can be more easily manipulated and directed. 

Exacerbating differences leaves people more susceptible to the fear mongering and agenda serving manipulation of the leaders.

​Then the fearful people will feel they need those leaders to protect them against the other feared groups, creating a dependence on the manipulative leaders.

People who feel less empowered, even totally powerless, against the leaders are less likely to think they can challenge those in control or change the status-quo.

This Divide and Conquer technique has worked very well for those having influence and control, serving their exclusive agendas that often include little regard for the whole of society, and you!

And beyond all that, we have many so called "problems" that are attributed to some undesirable human behavior,
...which we are trying to ask, tell, or make the offending individuals or groups change!   

Think about it, how long have people been trying to do this? 

...and to what end?
Think about it

How much has all this effort actually changed human behavior through our history?

... do you think just maybe, we have been missing something!

Consider this:

On the surface, the causes of various issues may appear very specific and different from other issues, yet what if that's not the case?

What if the root cause is the same thing ?
And what if we have not been addressing the real cause?

This is precisely where my realization led me again, to Separation!

A Perception of Separation causes:

  • Our perspective that we must do and get exclusively for our self.
  • Dividing into separate groups
  • Fear of others
  • Dishonor, disrespect, and disregard for others
  • Disharmony preventing unity
  • Exclusive self-serving thought and behavior
  • Hatred, bigotry,
  • Validation, justification, and defense of 'self' and “My Way”
  • Differences mean not connected
  • Individuality means separate
  • Fragmented energy and focus of power
  • Reliance on a leader or authority
Man perturbed
​More detail on what this means in our individual lives in a bit, first lets look into

Separation as related to society and "Divide and Conquer"

Have you noticed how society is divided into many small groups of people? And that quite often we are arguing and fighting with each other over the differences we are focusing on?

With politics, religion, race, and economic status being some of the big differences that are constantly used to divide and trigger us against each other.
People controlled


​this is initiated and perpetuated by design,
by a few influential people
who want power and freedom to
exclusively serve their own agendas!

And, keeping the populous divided and fighting among ourselves,
keeps our power and influence limited, fragmented,
even doubted!

pushing back

Look at all the various issues we face that appear to be very specific, 

which only catches the interest of a select few individuals with the motivation to push for a specific change,

... who then have very little power and resources to challenge the defending status-quo position!

This can be seen in most efforts to bring about change, for example:

Remember the power and free reign the US tobacco industry had enjoyed for decades and how it took a long time effort to overcome,

... basically, due to the huge power and influence advantage the industry had over the small group of people desiring the change!

Look around, you will realize how this dividing of people into small groups has vastly reduced the power and influence the citizens themselves have with their own society.

We have learned to function with the perspective that everything is a separate issue,
...thus our energies and focus towards changing them is divided and greatly reduced,      

often even dissipated completely, as we become frustrated, complacent, and distracted with whatever small feeling of satisfaction we can find!

It's like having the measles and focusing your attention on dealing only with single spot, ...when there is really one base cause of them all!

TV watching

It's actually good news to realize,

when we dig deeper into the various issues we desire to change,

we discover that they all share the same Foundational Cause

A Perception of Separation!

This helps us realize that coming together into one change effort, 

will actually support and serve all change efforts!

Puzzle together

Now, getting back to how serious the effects of Separation are personally,

however they are expressed.

Separation is the basis of more problems than us being divided socially

and manipulated by a few influential parties...

A perception of Separation 

can be the foundational basis of how we operate our individual lives!

man in a bubble

...affecting our perspective and subconscious patterns,

which directs most of our daily thought, reactions, and behavior!

Basically how we perceive life and self, 

affects and guides how we experience and interact with people and the world!

Please read this again and let it sink in!

To the degree you perceive that you are either separate or connected to all people and planet,

...determines your daily functional perspective, how you think, react, behave, experience, and interact with other people and the world.

Now, this may sound strange, different, or new to you​...
yes, I get it ...you are not alone!

​Remember, in the beginning, I warned you, this is not what has been talked about before.
Typically, people have attempted to change undesirable behavior by mainly addressing the undesirable behavior and somewhat the supporting thought.  

​...and I ask you, 
“How has this been working out for humanity, society, and yourself?”
Projector head
woman pointing

And we have commonly looked at selfish, greedy, uncaring behavior as just how some people are!

Then trying to personally and socially do our best to live  around them, and even removing them if we can.

And we humans are very good at finding some 'outside' cause to blame for such poor behavior...

ignoring and never addressing the actual root cause, which is deeper in the mind!

This is why, through the centuries, efforts to change human behavior have not yielded very much actual change!

Consider... if you ask, tell, or try to force an individual who is operating mainly through a mindset of Separation, to be nice, caring, or compassionate to others,

it will not compute to them, it won't make logical sense,
you will be seen as the crazy one,
... and you will likely be demeaned for bringing it up!

Functioning with this Separation Mindset is why,

many individuals become controlling and dominant in society and government,
and don't seem to care about addressing the interests of the whole of the society, they mainly serve what is exclusively in their self-interest.

And why some people in businesses, groups and organizations only care about their specific agendas, ​

...with little to no regard for other people or the planet!

even to the point of having animosity and hatred towards anyone not agreeing with them!
disgusted woman

How much of this kind of behavior have you noticed?

So much of what we accept as normal and go along with as “what is”, is rooted in a perception of separation.

And we wonder why things don't seem to change much personally, socially, and globally! 

...why so many things are commonly supported and perpetuated that don't serve most people, the Whole of Humanity, and the Earth.

...and why we are experiencing so much discord, frustration, and anxiety ourselves.

This may sound bleak, but believe me: there is a solid path to that deep yearning you feel!

​Stick with me here,

       ...this is going to get more interesting!

First... A Warning About The Separation Perception

This can be very insidious and elusive!
...it can be part of your “Normal”
... your 'reality'.

It may be within your Foundational Perceptions about Life and Self,
at the very root of how you operate, and you may not be aware of it at all,
...most people are not!

What goes on in our mind at this level is rarely looked at, discussed, nor addressed!
identity attack

Even now, as you are hearing about this,

you may be feeling an uncomfortable resistance!

This is because your Foundational Perceptions about Life and Self are ingrained into who you think you are and how you relate with life.

​So even the mention of this can feel like an attack to your self identity, 
...believe me, I Know!

There is a very active part of your mind that protects who you think you are deep down,

   ...at a level you may not be aware of!

to where, even when you attempt to entertain a new and different idea yourself,  there is resistance felt!

I understand, I went through feeling this way myself when I began to look deeper into the inner workings of my mind,

and questioning why, I was repeating the same patterns of perspective, thought, and behavior.

man resisting

I think you can now see how many people are strongly defensive with their behavior, perspectives, and ideas, 

...to where they initially resist considering anything new or different,

...it all seems to be based on what appears as 'reality' to them, to each of us.


Please, take a couple of slow, long, deep breaths

to settle any reaction, 

and we will go on ...


So, what are some indicators of this separation based perception?

What are the red flags you should pay attention to, 
and how can you spot it with yourself and with others?

Basically it's about being Inclusive or Exclusive with your perspective, thought and behavior.

When an individuals self concept is based on being alone and separate,
not connected to the Whole of Life, nor to other people, 

they will tend to think and act more EXCLUSIVELY, only for themselves,
often with little to no regard for other people or the planet.

​This Exclusive perspective is based on a Foundational Perception of Separation

Whereas, when a person sees themselves as connected to the Whole of Life,
as a part of One Humanity
what they desire for themselves is INCLUSIVE of others.

They Know they are connected, they include others,
and intend no harm to other people or the planet!

How we each perceive Life and Self is not a cut and dry 'one or the other' concept.

We each are operating through a perception somewhere on a spectrum between Separation and Connection.
"Oneness" is what I call our inherent connection with The Whole of Life, 
before we could perceive otherwise.

And, where our operating Perception is between the two,
determines how Inclusive or Exclusive our thought and behavior is!

Hopefully you are beginning to see how many individuals, governments, and organizations can easily think and act EXCLUSIVELY, for their specific interests,

with many showing little to no regard for other people or the planet!

There is a lot more to how the Foundational Perception of Separation affects us personally, socially, and globally, which we will expand upon at another time.
Money Bags

For now: some indicators of a Separation based mindset can be easily noticed when you know what you are looking for.

For starters, pay attention to how you may be permitting yourself to be divided and directed by a purposefully constructed and perpetrated fear.

This is likely based on an individual or group trying to manipulate you into complying with their self serving agenda, to even helping them with it!

Have you noticed how this creates a division that tends to separate you from the other people, leading to a dislike of them,
and possibly a willingness to treat them as less than yourself,
to even harm or eliminate them?

Another Separation based perspective is, seeing some other people as having less value than yourself, not as worthy or deserving as you,

...possibly determined from appearance, different ideas or lifestyles, in another country, heritage,
what they do or don't do, or any other judgmental comparisons.

This leads to divisive behavior:
all based on a perception that differences equate to being separate, not connected,
...thus a perceived justification to treat some people with lower regard, or worse! 

Small Group

​And another way

Separation is perpetuated: with group agreement and camaraderie

This can seem contrary at first,
yet is one of the most powerful expressions of separation we can get involved in...

Belonging to a group of like or similar minded people seems to be beneficial, which it can be,
 ...until it becomes tied to your self identity, then watch out!

The validation of specific ideas, concepts, and beliefs from a group can lead to...
 the appearance of “proving” a specific claimed truth, by the groups consensus!

​Further serving to create a climate of “us and them”, and
the camaraderie emboldens members to take actions to justify and defend their position against anything different!

I would venture to say, you have seen or heard of the violence that can come from members aligning
with sports teams, politics, and other groups with deep belief attachments!

As indicated earlier, the solution to all of this, I discovered,
goes deeper than only addressing the behavior and supporting thoughts!

​Yet commonly, any corrective attempts don't seem to go any deeper,
which hasn't resulted in much real change in how people treat each other!

We have just accepted that this is the way people are,
...that we must deal with harmful and destructive actions,

...have accepted that nothing can be done about human behavior,

...we just follow along being subject to these kinds of behaviors,

...and we often declare a separation from people due to their behavior.

​Consider, when an individual causes harm to another person, 
this can only happen when the individual is
operating as disconnected, 
perceiving themselves as Separate from the other person,

...whereas, if they perceive they ARE connected with the
other person, 
they could not mistreat them any more than they could
mistreat a part of their own body!

As helpful as these examples may be, they are just indicators to enhance your awareness.

However, in order to convey the impact and power that understanding this can bring into your life, it will be helpful to let you in on the backstory...

This is what laid the foundation to my discovering a viable solution
to altering the Separation Mindset,

and a path to 'Being The Change' that made all the difference in my own life, and then, how this now can affect you and all of humanity.


On this journey, the realization that I am connected with all people, changed my life forever!

One of the secrets to successfully discovering this was the practice of considering the mental process an individual goes through in order to behave as they do.

Through studying and talking with many individuals, seeking to recognize deeper and deeper layers of cause behind a specific behavior and way of thinking.

And even more important: 

I discovered the specific characteristics at cause behind individuals who where expressing and interacting with more love, compassion, and unity,

and how it differed with those individuals acting with greed and other undesirable self serving agendas!

In realizing that I felt better around individuals with more unifying behaviors than those operating as separate, I became very selective in looking at my self and asking,

...which of these characteristics was I not Being, feeling, and expressing myself;
looking down through to the deepest foundational layer influencing my life.

Then asking; How could I integrate the more desirable characteristics into my life,
so that I too could feel, know, and act more unified, be more connected to all people and to life itself?

I learned to spot the consistent perceptions which lead to certain kinds of perspectives, thinking and behaviors.

I thought, it's great when something works for one or two people, but what if it's the same for many?

I decided to do a "pattern spy",
I wanted to see if the individuals that functioned in a more compassionate way had something in common.

That way I could possibly discover the root or cause of this beneficial behavior;
and I actually found quite a few such individuals ...

Dalai Lama

One of the most clear examples of individuals living in a more compassionate state of Being is The Dalai Lama...

He is a fairly well known individual who appears to be very calm and at peace,
...he appears to not hate or even dislike anyone.

There is a definite Why behind how he behaves, which I found to be a common pattern shared with others as well.

At the foundation of this State of Being, is his Knowing he is connected to all of humanity,

I found that Knowing and Living this connection,
is the common thread behind kind, loving,
compassionate, and unified behavior!

Who do you know who seems to Be like this?

Basically, at peace with themselves and life, not hating, compassionately considerate of others, 

...and behaving more Inclusively rather than Exclusively

Do they rarely, if ever, butt heads in anger with other people? 

Do they seem to not have much fear or stress?
...and they probably don't get angry or even frustrated much!

Basically, they are pretty much unflappable, they appear to be in a peaceful emotional state most of the time.

And they tend to want for everyone, what they want for themselves.

Now, this could be you, someone you know, or someone you've observed.

This critical difference of Knowing You Are Connected effects how you think and behave, how you treat others.
who you know

Well, how does this apply to you and the changes you want for yourself and the world?

Have you ever said this to yourself?
"Sure, that's inspiring, if I didn't have to face all the restrictions, rules, along with the economic and social pressures to pull it off."

You know, I used to think the same thing, yet this is the fact of the matter: 
it's how you perceive a situation and how you see yourself, that determines what it means to you!

more importantly, how you think about it determines your motivation and the actions you take, or don't take.

In reality they face the same life situations we do,
yet they perceive people and situations differently,
and don't react in ways that negatively alter their state of being.

They know that a situation or certain behavior is not who they are,
thus what has happened does not alter their perception of who they truly are, and what may be possible.

This relates to another very common myth

That people who are successful at getting things done and making changes for the better, don't have to face the kinds of obstacles and struggles that I do.

This may sound reasonable, but it's simply a myth,
...as I found out, it's one holding you back from solutions that actually work!

Through a long journey of frustrating ups and downs, I finally discovered what those who are highly successful at making powerful change have in common. 

After studying many change success stories, looking for repeatable trends or patterns,
...this really stuck out as a quality they all shared:

they achieved success by focusing on the desired result not the roadblocks made visible by the apparent problem,

and not from the perspective of eliminating or altering the problem,
...rather from the root cause.
​Just saying, “Stop doing that” even to yourself doesn't usually get results!

Motivation to change  comes from changing the “why” behind the behavior.

​It's as simple as, when you want something you think and act in ways to get it, right!

​Then the motivation behind your thinking and actions is only stopped either when you obtain it or you eliminate the desire for it,
...the “why” is either satisfied or changed.

By channeling their focus and attention on to their preferred outcomes, and 'why' they desire them, their energy and motivation remained high,
leading them to realizing success, without remaining tangled in the details of the problem, and being captivated in a reaction to it!

I noticed that the most successful change makers were doing this consistently, and in general, 
they were consistently happy and peaceful even while working through any trials and tribulations leading to the desired outcome!

At first this slipped by me.
To be honest, I used to think I was a pretty savvy change maker until I started role-modeling other folks who had this down!

And once I did, I never looked back. 
Within several months my entire outlook on how real change occurred, how I could change myself, and be the change in the world... it escalated!

And the success I had once struggled to find, finally found me!

man despair

This experience left me with this 

One powerful truth...

If you truly wish to experience the life you desire for yourself and others,
it's critical that you utilize what's called,

“The New Mechanism For Change”

When I finally shared the concept of
“The New Mechanism For Change”
with a small number of people, the consensus was...

"That's the answer... how real change is possible,

...this changes everything!"

​So, what is it?


“The New Mechanism For Change” 

helps you see and change the root cause behind behavior and supporting thought,

...leading you to see more clearly why people are thinking and doing as they do. 

And, realizing The Single change which alters everything with how a person interacts with life, other people, and the planet.

​You could say, this New Mechanism returns you to your original perception about life and self!

Here's the mind-blowing discovery; 
You, I, and everyone are all parts of the One Humanity,
...parts of
"All That Is", connected with everything!

You and I are One with the Whole of Life 
​This is our inherent connection, Our Oneness...
We are all connected as One,
before any and all attempts at describing and defining 
anything about life and who we are.

​Yet, many people are operating as if they are disconnected, 
thinking and acting as if being separate from each other. 

Let me unpack this a bit further for you:

First, looking at fixing or changing some behavior is not done effectively by addressing just the behavior or even the thought behind it.

This will just keep you entwined with the kind of thinking and mindset that led to the issue in the first place, just trying to rearrange it for the better!

​While you are still complying with the foundation it is built upon, 
...much like expecting that stirring a pot of soup will change it!

The only way to really change the soup
 is to dump the whole pot, and look to why it was made that way in the first place!

Picture this: 
there is a Foundational Perception at the root of how you are operating your life,
which affects and directs
all aspects of how you are Being
who you think you are,
and it influences your perspective, thought and behavior
 ...all of it!

Now Consider: what if this Base Perception about life and self you are operating from was altered to some degree from it's pure nature when you were born, 

...as you were influenced by the environment and people you experienced early on?

And, what if this alteration has led millions of people to think and behave in ways that don't best serve them, society, and the world?

Although this certainly may seem normal, there is a good chance they are operating through a perspective based on an altered Foundational Perception of being not connected to other people, as Separate!

I want you to imagine, The New Mechanism For Change as if it were a 'download update' directly into your mind,

...resetting your most basic perception about life and self back to its original state,
...before any acquired reasons to perceive other people as separate.

​A reset that will automatically elicit the most powerful changes to human behavior ever accomplished,
leading to a human unification never experienced in recorded history!

A download that 'reprograms' your Foundational Perceptions about Life and Self
revealing the wisdom and knowledge of our innate interconnectedness.

You, me, everyone ...everything!

​This, Our innate Oneness

Operating from our innate Oneness eliminates the root cause of undesirable human thought and behavior which leads to our suffering and destruction!

​And coming from this re-recognized Foundational Perception of being connected  eliminates much of the struggle of trying to figure it all out from the many end results.

Our thoughts and behaviors appear to be the problems,
yet are actually symptoms of perceived Separation!

I've discovered a few insightful points along the way that help with comprehending “The New Mechanism For Change”, 

and the potential with applying it personally and socially.

Here's my first insight:
All of us humans are operating through our individual perceptions, which determine our subconscious habitual patterns...

as well as our functional perspective, and governs our reactions, thought, and behavior,
​essentially it's the foundation determining how we interact with life;

  • what what see as reality,
  • what we are aware of,
  • how we are aware,
  • our interpretations,
  • how we think,
  • and our behavior
  • our habitual automatic reactions
  • ...and more

Consider how different your life, society, and the world would be if most everyone operated from a perspective that we are all connected as One Humanity?

This reveals why behavior change has been slow;
people have commonly tried to change at the level of the behavior itself and maybe the thinking behind it, 

but usually 
not at the root of the cause – the guiding perception!


Here's another helpful insight: 

Most of your daily functionality is determined and 

guided by subconscious habit patterns 

that you are not usually aware of consciously,

they automatically affect your reactions, how you 'see' and interpret everything,
even what you are aware of – your entire functional perspective,

...which are All based on your Foundational Perceptions of Life and self.

This becomes who you think you are, how you are, how life is,
it appears as just “what is” ...your reality!

Another key insight: 

Our concept of “self” is also based on our Foundational Perceptions,

and directed through our subconscious habit patterns,

affecting our day to day State of Being...

Much attention within the fields of psychology, philosophy, religion, and spiritual teachings deal with our concept of “self” as the basis of our thought and behavior... 

yet the underlying Foundational Perceptions are not often addressed!

With the most basic perception being, are we connected or separate?
         ...which affects everything!

From these points, I think you can see how it is so easy for all of us to keep going on as we have been, as we are basically operating from the same foundational premise, some degree of separation,

even when we are talking about, thinking and trying to change for the better,

... it's mostly based on exclusively self-serving desires. 

Remember that scorpion I showed you earlier?
Well the scorpion operates from a fixed perception of what it is, and how it will behave...
Have you heard the story of the scorpion and the frog?

Basically, the scorpion asks the frog if the frog would take it across the river.
The frog says, no, you will just sting me,

​With the scorpion replying, 
I will not, as we would both drown!

So the frog agrees,
​then part way across, the scorpion stings the frog!

As they are drowning, the frog says,
you said you would not sting me.
​Then the scorpion says, it's just what I do!

You see, the scorpion cannot behave in a way 
contrary to
it's Foundational Perceptions and programming, 
even when it consciously intended otherwise!

You and I will just as quickly 'sting' other people, when they are seen as not connected to ourselves!

We humans operate in the same way, except for one extremely important difference,

We can alter our Foundational Perceptions, our habitual programming, and our perspective,
which alters our reactions, thinking, and behavior!

Realizing that you are connected to the Whole of Life, Everything, or whatever you want to term it as, will drastically change your life!

The more you realize this, the more connected and unified you will feel, think, and act.

This is how you come to a place of Personal Peace, and how you function more Inclusively with people, rather than Exclusively.

As you realize that you are more than the specifically defined self identity, actually limiting who you are, 
...you find more peace, happiness, and possibility in your life.


On the surface this may sound too simple

... well, it is quite simple!

We human beings are all connected with each other as One Humanity,
...even after we came to erroneously perceive otherwise.

Can you Now See why you might be accepting so much puzzling human behavior, lack of positive change, and feeling that your endless frustrations are normal!

And how many people talk about wanting beneficial change,
yet are operating as if they are separate from all others, which still leads to Exclusively self-serving results,
... as in, “Lets get along, My Way!”

So What Do You Do Next?

​These insights, 
as revealing as they are...

are not enough to really get any of us who desire change,
to actually move forward with the kinds of changes we want for ourselves,

or to challenge the powerful status-quo operating in society,
...that requires another
critically important step.

Let me share how I came up with, what many individuals seeking to make effective changes call,

"The Critical Factor" for maximizing The New Mechanism For Change and

... shifting into a Functional Unity

Briefly, over the past 4 decades of analyzing how life works and what we can do with it, what I have discovered has been nothing short of extraordinarily insightful and powerfully different!

It became clear that there was one root cause to all human 'problems' ...which are actually symptoms!

The result is a single basic shift for anyone desiring to make real change,

that enables you to finally transcend perceived limitations, overcome past sticking points, and enjoy living in a more pleasurable unity with all people, the planet, with Life itself.

This does it all without the endless head banging frustration and suffering of continual disappointment, or the ongoing 'lifestyle discomfort' you're possibly now experiencing!

and on top of that, it's a plan that just about every change maker who's been exposed to it, finds it groundbreaking, simple, and profoundly pivotal,
      ... Life Changing!
Predominantly operating through a mindset of Separation 
has not only divided us individually
it divides us socially and globally,

as specific groups, religions, societies, ancestries, languages, countries, 
organizations, governments, and more,

which are all valid differences,
only We have allowed what appears as differences to mean a separation,
...a disconnection, as Us and Them. 

Now this is important...
The simple bottom line with human behavior is,
 we will honor, respect, help, and treat well those we feel connected to.

​And we will tend to disrespect, fear, be unconcerned about, and mistreat 
those we feel not connected to.

Facing the root of this divisive separation
 and doing something about it, 
is where we are right now as human beings,
​if we are wanting to evolve!

Yes, your first responsibility is to yourself,

​plus realizing you are part of the Whole of Life, 

then to think and act as such.

​As they tell us on an airplane,
“Put on your oxygen mask first.”

​Then, what do you do? 

     ...You help others!

my self

Realizing that you and all people are parts of the 

One Whole of Humanity,

just as you have multiple parts that make up your body,

you are then essentially helping Your Greater Self when you help yourself and others,
acting as All parts together once you Know you are connected!

Just as your personal responsibility to your body does not stop at one or two organs,
it's up to each of us to assist the Whole of Humanity,
 ...we are all in this together!

It is time for Humanity to come together as One functioning unit, group, or organism, to cooperate not just as small groups, rather
All of Us Together!

We have proven clearly that it has been through cooperation that we survive, progress, improve, and
even increase our longevity.

And, we can plainly see that
our discord is based on too much of a Separation based perspective and the resulting exclusive self-serving behavior!

Let me introduce to you what We are going to do about it, 

... The Living Unity Consciousness Movement ...

The Living Unity Consciousness Movement 
is an action movement 
connecting together the people, groups, and organizations,

all desiring to bring humanity into better honoring, respecting, 
and serving the needs of all people and the planet.

Individually thinking and acting as we are inherently connected
will virtually fast track us into a functional unity,

Recognizing that all human issues are actually symptoms of a single Problem or Error, 
​a Foundational Perception of Separation

There is now
One Single Solution
which will serve to bring together all the fragmented change efforts...

Yes, they are each somewhat unique
yet they share the same core cause,
 separation based perspectives and behaviors!

Consider for a moment,
the beneficial consequences of eliminating greed
exclusive self-serving behaviors, hate, fear, disregard, disrespect, even ignorance!

So why not 
combine forces of all change efforts into ONE,
regaining Our power and influence! 

Here's some of what you can look forward to
experiencing and accomplishing together,
with us in The Living Unity Consciousness Movement...

• We can employ the power of large numbers to finally overcome the self-serving agendas of the influential powers controlling politics and business... regaining our power of numbers!

• We will benefit from the effectiveness of bringing various change efforts together into one movement, ...eliminating the manipulative 'Divide and Conquer' techniques used by those wanting to keep us fragmented, fearful, and reliant on them!

We will easily join together the energies of many people, no longer relying on just a few individuals struggling to be influential enough to bring about change... we all add to the whole effort TOGETHER!
People connected

Now each of us will count more, 


Now each of us will count more, 


Yet you might be wondering: 

"Will The Living Unity Consciousness Movement do something for me?"

​Not sure if this can work for you, even if you think you've tried just about everything when it comes to improving your life,

​and you think you are doing what you can for society and the world... 

Well, let me set you at ease:

During the years I spent looking for more clarity about our behavior,

focusing on analyzing how the mind works; honing, testing, and re-testing; and looking deeper and deeper into the root cause of all behavior…

going beyond the current explanations, and then studying the many successful individuals and social change examples I could examine.

When I truly realized that I was connected to everyone else, to All of Life,

...everything changed!

This is our inherent connection

 ...it's real, not just a spiritual concept,

Scientists are now collaborating that we, and everything, 

are made of the same “stuff”​!

light bulb

When I was able to understand and know that as individuals,

we are all connected as Humanity, One Something, or The Whole of Life!

​I was able to get more clarity on what is sometimes referred to as our innate Oneness

By standing on the shoulders of those few who already KNOW this
​and thanks to some of my own unique insights that helped connect the dots.

​You now have at your fingertips
 the vehicle millions of us will engage with to improve our individual lives, 
​by personally re-realizing your inherent deep connection with all people and the earth!

And to 'Be The Change'
helping bring humanity into a functional unity​,
​”against all odds”

The Living Unity Consciousness Movement can work for us, 

when virtually nothing else has been able to bring humanity together in large scale cooperation

As unity and cooperation clearly works so consistently with smaller groups,
it's considered to be "Success Insurance" for
creating and maintaining a unified, cohesive group.

But why just smaller groups, why not One overall cohesive group...
       A Unified Humanity!

3 people

First, consider how you will feel

Being connected to more people, to Life itself.

As The Living Unity Consciousness Movement,
we are utilizing this New Mechanism to shift into a more unified society​,

by helping literally anyone Be The Change They Want For Themselves And The World!

...even if you have struggled with time and motivation,
...are often frustrated with the lack of forward progress,
...or even if you think you're at the end of your rope,
...if you don't yet understand how this can work,
...or struggling personally.

​...and get this:
Even if you've seen little up till now to keep your hopes up!

The Living Unity Consciousness Movement

has been conceived to Include more individuals in ways

that will help you each 

'Be The Change'

while you continue to have the time and energy to

honor and maintain your family and other responsibilities,

...at the same time!

So, what beneficial feelings can You count on, what can you expect with being involved?

Very quickly from just saying “I'm In!”
Your mindset, your attitude, and your energy will elevate!

You will;
- Feel connected to something that matters, bigger than any of us,
- Know you are part of something new, different, that has not been done before,
- Be excited seeing what people are doing together, 

- Feel deeply energized as the movement grows and progresses,
- Be more positive and hopeful than you have for a long time.
Knowing you're on the right path,
...we're on the right path!

You will...
- Feel more personally empowered and confident, 
-​ Feel the joy of being more connected to other people,
- and of course, gain a new perspective on who you are!

And you will notice;
-​ you're dropping much of the fear and frustration, 
- feeling more calm and peaceful,
- being more open to change,
- your thoughts will begin to look to possible solutions.

- More friendly individuals in your day, 
- Less hate and bigotry, 
- People are nicer to each other,
- More people waking up to our innate connection, 

Now Seeing;
- More new possibilities for yourself, for everyone, 
- That a unity of humanity just may be viable, 
- A gradual diminishing of resistance to beneficial change, 

- That We can get along
- Individuals respecting and caring for each other, 
- the increasing evidence of our Oneness in more people's behavior!

And this is just the beginning, it just keeps getting better,

as We continue to have more real influence and positive effect on the various change efforts.

All moving forward through a combined solution,
we will continue to gain momentum shifting the basic paradigms and systems that are foundational to all societies and the world!
This is the kind of successful shift you and humanity 
absolutely deserve, and will finally get to experience:

==> Letting you quickly get past those sticking points that may have deterred beneficial change in the past!

==> Empowering you to enjoy seeing consistent progress with cooperative change efforts as more people connect together for a common cause!

==> Providing you a way to experience a surge in confidence and personal empowerment to bring forth the kind of life and world you have dreamed about!

==> To powerfully guide you to realistically see how your life, society, and the world can honor, respect, and serve all people so much more effectively! 

==> Quickly decode the best way for you to see your desires realized, your dreams fulfilled, and real change in your life, your society, and the world, with the major obstacles removed!

==> Opens the floodgates of your individual personal expression without so many restrictive deterrents, 
And please, don't just take my word for it...
there are individuals who already Know
the power and wonder of our innate connectedness, 
and what a perceived separation causes!

They Speak For Themselves,
through history, as their words reveal...

"Pit race against race, 
religion against religion,
prejudice against prejudice.
Divide and conquer!
We must not let that happen here."

​- Eleanor Roosevelt

"Pit race against race, religion against religion, prejudice against prejudice. Divide and conquer! 
We must not let that happen here." 
- Eleanor Roosevelt

“You may say I'm a dreamer, 
but I'm not the only one. 
I hope someday you'll join us.
And the world will live as one.”

- John Lennon

​“A human being is part of the whole called by us universe, a part limited in time and space. 
We experience ourselves,
our thoughts and feelings 
as something separate from the rest... 

Our task must be to free ourselves
from the prison 
by widening our circle of compassion
to embrace all living creatures 
and the whole of nature in its beauty.” 

- Albert Einstein

“You may say I'm a dreamer, 
but I'm not the only one. 
I hope someday you'll join us.
And the world will live as one.”

- John Lennon

“A human being is part of the whole called by us universe, a part limited in time and space. 

We experience ourselves, our thoughts and feelings as something separate from the rest. 

Our task must be to free ourselves from the prison by widening our circle of compassion to embrace all living creatures and the whole of nature in its beauty.”


 - Albert Einstein


“We cannot live only for ourselves. 
A thousand fibers connect us
with our fellow men;
and among those fibers,
as sympathetic threads, 
our actions run as causes,
and they come back to us as effects.” 

- Herman Melville

“We are like islands in the sea,
separate on the surface
but connected in the deep.”

- William James 

“We cannot live only for ourselves.
A thousand fibers connect us with our fellow men; and among those fibers, as sympathetic threads, our actions run as causes, and they come back to us as effects.”

- Herman Melville

“We are like islands in the sea,
separate on the surface
but connected in the deep.”​

- William James 

It really boils down to this:
that all life is interrelated.
We are all caught in an inescapable network of mutuality, tied into
a single garment of destiny. 
Whatever affects one destiny,
affects all indirectly.” 

- Martin Luther King Jr.

“It is man's social nature which distinguishes 
him from the brute creation.
If it is his privilege to be independent,
it is equally his duty
to be inter-dependent. 
Only an arrogant man will claim to
be independent of everybody else
and be self-contained.” 

- Mahatma Gandhi

“Our ancient experience confirms
at every point that
everything is linked together,
everything is inseparable.”

- Dalai Lama XIV

“It really boils down to this: that all life is interrelated.
We are all caught in an inescapable network of mutuality, tied into a single garment of destiny.
Whatever affects one destiny,
affects all indirectly.”

- Martin Luther King Jr.

“It is man's social nature which distinguishes him from the brute creation. If it is his privilege to be independent, it is equally his duty to be inter-dependent. Only an arrogant man will claim to be independent of everybody else and be self-contained.” 

- Mahatma Gandhi

“Our ancient experience confirms
at every point that
everything is linked together, everything is inseparable.”

- Dalai Lama XIV

And the list goes on and on of individuals who Know they are innately connected together with all other people,
most not as well known as those quoted here.

Backed By The Evidence:


When people feel connected to others, they feel closer to them, 
... they threat them with honor, respect, and kindness, 
... they are more caring, loving, and compassionate with others, 
... they join together and cooperate to progress more, 
... we have not survived as lone separate entities, rather through joining together in cooperation.

It has become quite evident …
none of us can think and act in a caring, cooperative, and unified way without 
Knowing we are connected!

Look, the truth is simple, it becomes more obvious when we recognize we already do this with family, friends, and in groups;

...we have the ability to feel connected to other people,
...we can be as concerned for other people as we are for ourselves,
...we can treat others well, as we want to be treated.

However, the pervasive perception that we are somehow separate from everyone else has led to divisive patterns of uncaring, disrespect, fear, animosity, hate, and exclusively self-serving behaviors of all sorts, 

which serve to perpetuate a disconnection,

...where each individual or specific group functions only for the benefit of their own exclusive self-interest and survival!

Why aren't we using the same connection abilities

to align with and care about the

Whole of Humanity?

Could it be because some separation minded individuals have 
created mechanisms and systems that cater to their exclusive desires,

and the rest of us are just agreeing to remain 
playing by those rules, serving their agendas?

Consider... how many rules, laws, and regulations have needed to be enacted basically to deal with those individuals who behave in exclusively self-serving ways?

...those with such a low value perception of any one or any thing other than themselves,
that they would so easily disregard and abuse others, and the planet!

So, do we continue on under this Separation Perspective of ourselves and humanity?
...applying band-aids to human behavior,
... expecting it to change?
...or, stirring the same pot of soup, hoping it will change?
...continuing to push each other back and forth, trying to get everyone to do it “My Way”?
...following, more than we proactively influence, even with our own lives

Basically wasting precious lives and resources by not cooperating as
One Whole Humanity!

Think about all that is expended by serving a divisive separation,
and what wonderfully beneficial things We could do with all this human talent and resources!

The only real issue then is,
how do we think and behave
as connected with the Whole of Humanity,
so that we cooperate as One,
serving and supporting all individuals?


That's why The Living Unity Consciousness Movement
has come forth out of my Deepest Intention and Driving Purpose 
to assist with shifting humanity into a functioning in Unity,
while Not insisting on some specifics of another “My Way”

​​​...this must be Our Way!

I may have gotten 'elected' to instigate this ...yet it is OUR Movement!

Imagine if you will,
a new reality, a new humanity, a new earth...

Where Life itself is honored and respected,
including All people and Everything on Earth!

Where this unity is rooted in our innate interconnectionour Oneness, having us operating with love and compassion for all
Where Peace is the default operating paradigm,
as we live in harmony with each other and planet...
Where people and resources are utilized to continually support and enhance 
all human expression and advancement,
rather than to promote restriction and destruction.

Is this not something worthy of moving forward with, sooner rather than later?

Are you ready to move forward now?

I honestly feel that there are probably already enough people on earth right now desiring real change
for a critical mass shift to occur,
we just need to all get together!

This is what we will do... 
operate through our innate Oneness
as unified together as One, undivided, unconquered!
One world
And to support this, I Want To Help You gain an even clearer vision, 
​knowing a better, more unified, and peaceful world is actually possible,

…that we don't need to remain
trapped in old stagnant ways of thinking, perceiving, and behaving. 

The sooner We get moving forward,
the sooner 
We will enjoy the results ​of living full free lives.
As you are getting a good glimpse of understanding the possibility I'm offering you today with
The Living Unity Consciousness Movement,
y​ou may be wanting to understand better how it is possible that our perceptions can change everything,
and how we will be able to realize this kind of shift.

I know this all may sound a bit new and different, 
...it's not what has been commonly accepted and practiced on a societal nor global level, 
yet this is exactly why We Must!

So, here's an overall idea of what We Will be doing with The Living Unity Consciousness Movement:

Develop the largest ever group of individuals desiring a unified humanity where the needs and individual expression of all people are valued, honored and respected.

Utilize our numbers to be influential in all areas of life in support of this unified humanity.
Bring together all of the various individuals and groups working for different areas of change into one supportive movement,
Eliminate the divide and conquer paradigm in our societies and the world.
Assist individuals with re-realizing their own inherent connection with the Whole of Life, with all people.
Assist individuals with re-realizing the changes they desire for themselves and humanity.
Cultivate affirmative forward thinking masterminding of human evolution.
Bring together into one central hub, many different ideas, information, methods, products, services, and teachers we can utilize to enhance our lives and the world.
Provide a central location. where those offering assistance with awakening and change, to offer their products and services.

Let's go just a little bit further for starters…
There is More, beyond starting and nurturing
The Living Unity Consciousness Movement...
Woman looking left

There is immense value in
understanding how your mind works,
what you can do with it
and even what you have been doing with it,
and how this has affected you life, your society, and the world. 

I want to go way beyond this brief explanation,
to deepen your understanding and broaden your vision of how you will be able to 
utilize The New Mechanism For Change.

To actually shift yourself and assist humanity 
into functioning in a more unified, peaceful, and fulfilling manner.

peaceful hands
First, I'd like you to have the report,
"The Root Cause of Human Behavior"
To help you get a deeper grasp on 
the basic concept instigating this Movement.

As Albert Einstein said, 
“We can not solve our problems 
with the same level of thinking that created them”

​Let's take that even further... 
realizing our our thinking is not the root cause of our actions!

We can't solve our human issues 
with the same Perceptions and Perspectives that created them.

This is why it is so crucial for you to understand how our 
Foundational Perceptions of Life and Self are the root cause 
of what we commonly term as Human Problems!
All together
So that our Vision of a mutually beneficial human evolution 
is realized through
The New Mechanism for Change
Next, you'll receive complimentary access to 
"Error of Separation –
The Only Human Problem"
providing a super-important understanding for 'being the change'.

which is critical to realizing why there exists what we term 
as egotistic, self-serving, greedy, oppressive, and hateful behavior.

The Peace that you and so many people desire 
cannot be expressed by 
individuals operating through  a perception of Separation!
Peace is the product of Unity, 
where individuals and groups get along in harmony,
Unity will only be possible 
when enough individuals 
know their innate connection 
with the Whole of Life,
...and act like it!
Finally, I insist on giving you
another invaluable eye-opening report called 
"The Divide, Conquer, and Influence Social Paradigm",

...wait until you check this out!
scrooge man
We have collectively both caused and allowed ourselves 
to be divided and conquered 
by a few people operating through a Separation mindset,
enabling them to further their exclusive self-serving agendas 
at the expense and detriment of all others, even ourselves!

Being divided creates and exacerbates 
our fear and distrust of each other,
it disempowers and minimizes us,
and it keeps us fighting among ourselves!

This then leads to apathy and disregard 
as fear, aggravation, and
selective solutions are used to manipulate us!
Receiving these three follow up reports 
will serve to enhance the value of our vision,
knowing a better, more unified, and peaceful world 
is actually possible
...when we are together! 
Hands together
If you are serious about desiring a shift in humanity through real change, 
understanding what is in these reports is absolutely critical,
 ...not to mention what it can do for you in your life!

​Most of it is likely not what you have heard before about life, human thought and behavior, 
and how human beings can change both individually and socially.

​Heck, you may be thinking this whole thing is crazy! 

Yet, consider what has changed and bettered our lives,
 …more of the same,
or has it been the new ideas that were initially considered crazy?

Yes, I have diverged from much of the long standing conventional knowledge 
that has been accepted and applied for decades, even centuries,
that has led us to where we are now!

​That is the point, my intention!
And getting to the crux of this,
it's about how we function...

​We humans tend to honor, respect, consider, and treat well 
the people and things we feel connected with.

​And conversely,
we tend to dishonor, ignore, disrespect, don't consider, and even harm or destroy 
the people and things we don't feel connected with.

So, we must wake up to the fact, 
that trying to get along with others while perceiving them as separate from us,
will not get the results humanity has been seeking for centuries!

The key is then,
for us to feel, Know, and act as more connected with each other
​and this is something we each must do personally
and then expand collectively in cooperation.

My intention and hope is that from this presentation
you have enough of a feeling that this is something different
in a good way.

​That We Will be able to change how we humans live and interact,
individually, in our various societies, and as a New Humanity.
The choice is yours,
align with us now as part of this Movement of change today,
​join The Living Unity Consciousness Movement!

Are you ready to do something that has never been done before, 
​as we utilize perspectives and methods based on 
the very Foundation of all thought and behavior?

Can you see yourself helping create global unity and peace?
...and you know what?
when you consider all the time invested in individuals, societies, and humanity 
with the same basic thinking, 
and recognizing that human behavior is still quite self-serving,

you have to question how we could ever unify and 
stop mistreating each other, and the planet, 
...instead of just continuing to do more of the same!

Well, after discovering what has been missing,
I've decided to do something different!

Believe me:
This will be absolutely Life Changing,
you may already know and feel...
This Is A Special Time In Human History
heart splash
The question is, will you wait for others, and someday,
...or will you 'Be The Change' Now?

We truly live in remarkable times,
many people are feeling and seeing the major shift welling up,
wanting to Be involved.

The deep intentions, methods, and tactics we will utilize within
The Living Unity Consciousness Movement 
have their roots in successful change maker role models

​Through generations of select individuals 
knowing and living through their inherent Oneness,
...now these strategies are made available to all of us, for all of us!
People montage

And to be frank, it took a lot of hard work, trial and error,
and painful lessons learned to get this far,
with quite a few people telling me this makes no sense!

...that I'm nuts, some kind of a dreamer, and worse!
even now, some of this is hard for many individuals to grasp,
...or conceive is possible.

I get that, it's not what we are all accustomed to 
as “How it is” and “How it's done”!

Now is the moment to ask yourself
“How has all that been working for me, 
for us, for humanity?”

Questioning self and world
My role will continue to be
helping you and everyone to clearly understand the why and how of this, 
which is why I made the Three Reports I mentioned earlier.

​And there will be Much More...
That vision and guidance I got for this is quite vast,
yet just the beginning!

What If...
”The New Mechanism For Change” 
dislodges us from what has been holding humanity back?
I'm betting my life that it DOES! 

Here's why WE can Now Move Forward...
I've found and revealed what
has been 
alluding most people for centuries... 

​that illusive mystery that has 
led to so much heartache and frustration
around trying to change 
the undesirable human behavior
and social conditions...

The Mystery is Now Unlocked
What you need to do is ACT!
That's the one thing I nor anyone can do for you.

I wish I could make it all happen,
but it takes all of us to Be a different humanity
than we have been being for so long.

We each have that right...
And it is our right... 

Your right to choose how You Will Be Involved!

Your right to look your loved ones in the eye tonight and say, 
"I did something truly great today!”
Joyous woman-flowers
"Something that will benefit us all."
​"Something I believe in."

And right now, that choice is sitting in your lap.

You can choose to continue on the current path, 
filled with more months, years, even decades of
hoping someone will fix it,
...with the same thinking and perceptions that got you and all of us here,
...in the comfort of something because it's known!

Think about it:
How Much Is Your STATE OF MIND Worth To You? 
If this could relieve you of even a little bit of frustration and anxiety 
with your pursuit of a better life​?
How precious is your State Of Mind to your Quality of Life?

And of course, also considering how
 the way your society and government function, 
also affects your Quality of Life?

I'm more than confident
you see the door of possibility is opened at least a crack, 
and now is the time to kick it wide open, to step on through it
 …to get moving forward today!

Decide to help 
The Living Unity Consciousness Movement 
become the crucial vehicle needed to bring forth
the kinds of changes you and the world deeply desire.

Consider, the importance of living without regrets,
...drawing your own line in the sand,

"I've had enough, time to stand up, let's get moving forward!"

let's go forward
Let's consider the ABSOLUTE WORST that can happen with this, 
...is that you will belong to a group that doesn't get as far as our vision,
succumbing to the “What Is” that continually perpetuates 
the same “How it has been”!

However, if you don't act?
You may never realize your dreams
you could be part of why the movement never gains momentum.
or perhaps even worse:

You could remain stuck hoping and waiting 
for someone else to make things change,
so that your personal dreams and 
your dreams for the world can come about!

You could waste time waiting for this Movement 
to all be “proven” by others before you participate,
however, this will cost you and all of us
and I'm afraid to say:

You may live to regret that!
And I truly desire so much more for you than that.

I am the first to admit,
this is not all figured and fully planned out up front,
nothing successful ever is!

And very important, 
The Living Unity Consciousnesses Movement
is not another “Way”
that myself or anyone will be dictating
some system, rules, and specific behaviors.

The only key to this is
Knowing and Living our innate Oneness, 
...all the details will evolve
as we come together connected in unity!

That's how powerful and life altering 
knowing our innate Oneness 
and living unified is.

I have a Vision for humanity​, which is...

Together, Our Visions, will 
Be The Change We All Desire...

​A UNITY where differences are no longer perceived as separations.
If you are at all like me,
you have this deep feeling
that something can and will change with how humanity functions,
affecting you personally, socially, and globally!

Well this is it, we are here...
this is the next step,
bringing together a group of individuals 
envisioning major change for themselves and the world! 

Will you let me help you see what's possible 
through this discovery of the New Mechanism For Change,
and how together We ARE the Change? 

up thumb
Will you take the right action now
contributing to creating a more peaceful, compassionate world?

Results will depend on how quickly We build an influential movement. 
​There is no Now like Right Now for each for of us 
to 'Be the Change' however we can!

You may be thinking...
What if I can't do much to actively participate?
man thinking
That's fine, your active participation sure can help, 
yet is not necessary,
as just your joining with us and being part of the movement is extremely important,
...your intention energy counts!

I know you will do what you can, 
...just telling other people what we are doing is very helpful!

Or, you may be thinking, Am I too old?
It doesn't matter how old you are,
​...you are never too old to change the world!

Or, What if I don't know what to do?
I ask that you just join with us, we need you!
​At some point you may see something further you can do.

And, How long will this take?
I wish I knew!
...sure this may take longer than we hope, 
and we may have to make adjustments​,

yet I see stopping as not an option,

...like a “rain dance”,

we shall keep on until it does!

this will be the first real attempt at 
bringing humanity together as a functional Unity!

We are at a place where 
most people realize that the state of the world 
and our society needs changing, 
and it's up to us,
...each of us!

So, there is a responsibility to start with yourself, 
then extend out into the realm of all humanity
which you are inherently part of. 

The kind of change we need now 
to advance humanity beyond 
the predominant exclusive self-serving behavior 
requires all of us!

The time has come for this major shift
with The Living Unity Consciousness Movement,
together as One, 
Now it happens!

Here is our beginning concept...

The First Phase – 
Initial development and 
growing the community of change-makers:
You will be kept apprised of the progress with developing the movement
​and you will receive the 3 Reports indicated earlier.

You will be notified of information and connections
you can use for your personal benefit.
You can connect with us 
on the Website, FaceBook Page, Twitter, Instagram,
and other media locations.

Second phase -
Build a resource and connection Hub:
You will be able to access and participate with resources.
Connection Hub
You can help us connect with various change efforts,
 There will be information and connections 
to various change efforts, and opportunities for involvement,

You will be able to offer supportive information,
articles, products and services,

Third Phase -
Combining support for many change efforts:
Earth puzzle
Helping you to know about various change efforts going on.

​Establish a system of local groups
you can start or become involved with

Participate in live regional connection events
bringing people and ideas together.

And more,
...consider, there are 237 action items 
noted on the original mind-map I drew as a beginning for this!

Let's harness the power of our innate connection,
and unify NOW!

If you Get this,
if you know we cannot keep on waiting in frustration,

Please join us,
It's time for Humanity to take a giant leap forward 
in consciousness and behavior!
​It will take enough people 
connecting and cooperating for a single cause,
encompassing the value, needs, and support of all people,
to trigger the Critical Mass Shift!

So, who starts this kind of an overall massive shift?
Certainly not those waiting for others to do it!
It relies on You and I 
All of Us coming together!

Join me, join Us, 
Simply choose, 'Be The Change' here Now...
Look, you can put this off hoping it will happen without you,
​but isn't that what most people have done,
...for centuries!

When will we break the pattern of continually 
just allowing it to be 'as it is'
there is no more wondering why?

How do you think the stuff you don't want to happen, happens?

And how do the people doing these things get away with it, 
over and over?

They rely on most of us 
not questioning, getting involved, or taking action!

Now, we have the opportunity,
with a new method and perspective,
to stop and change these patterns.

My vision, honest intention, and driving purpose 
are the energy that led to the boldness to begin this

 I'm asking you to add your energy to 
Living In Unity Consciousness 


We will be unstoppable!

​Together, We Are The Change!