​Welcome to
The Living Unity Consciousness Movement

I'm so glad to have you with us...

You have taken a big step towards Being the Change.

As We all join together, knowing we are innately connected as One Humanity,

we build momentum, influence, and effectiveness

helping humanity to shift into a functional unity.

When re-realizing our individual innate connection with the whole of life,

with all people, we think and act more inclusively...as One!

This inclusive perspective, thinking, and behavior serves to change

how we function in society and the world.

As we personally and collectively shift from exclusive self-serving behavior

to more Inclusive behavior,

we all become less divisive and fearful.

​It only takes a small percentage of the people focused on the same intention to create a shift,

the key is for enough of us to connect as a cohesive group. 

​I think there are already enough people to accomplish this,

only we have been fragmented which diminishes our power and influence. 

​... this we will change! 

​Also, check your Email for a conformation of joining with us. ​

​Soon you will receive three Ebooks that will help clarify your understanding of

why this Living Unity Consciousness Movement is unique and different from other approaches,

why real change is possible, and why now. 

​... these books are in process, as they are completed access will be provided to you. 

This movement is just beginning, the initial focus will be on bringing people together as a group.
This is where you can assist with a few actions,

helping to spread the word and create awareness,

so that more people will see what we are doing,
... then possibly join with Us.


Your participation with the website, Medium, and social accounts will help,

as the algorithms for search and social sites give benefit to participation,

both numbers of people and frequency.

Please Join, Like, and participate with Comments, Re-post, and Sharing them with others...

All this will helps us grow faster.

As time goes on we will be developing much more, connecting people, groups,

resources and actions to get behind and participate with.

I will be working on information to help clarify understanding of what I am calling the

New Mechanism for change, that will benefit you individually, in society, and the world.

This will be added to the website, Medium account, and on our social pages.
This is a new concept for most people,

so helping to bring about more clarity
is my first priority. 

If you have not already watched the Intro video please do,

it will give you a foundation for this vision of effecting real change with humanity.
Yes, it is long, yet I feel well worth your investment.
Anything new is easily denied if not understood.

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