Jody Williams: A realistic vision for world peace

Jody Williams

Nobel Peace laureate Jody Williams gives her views on the concept of peace. She indicates how peace is more than meditating and feeling togetherness. It’s about taking action, being proactive. She poses the question about considering what happens when you focus resources on the support of people, rather on things such as defense.

Jody Williams

I agree that it is the responsibility of each of us to get involved. Peace is not something world political leaders can create, it’s more a matter of changing the systems we function in so that they better support the interests of all. This takes all people, not just a few. There are no other people who are going top make it all happen, it’s us!

We can get involved at the point of our own life in our thinking, in what we do and how we treat other people and the environment. The time has come to stop waiting for others to fix it.

Get involved, be the change, do the change, live the change, right here in your life

. . . and don’t wait for the other guys, they are waiting for you!

John Halderman

I've been studying about life, how it works and what we can do with it for over 30 years. This has included many religions, philosophies, spirituality, psychology and sciences along with my own personal discovery and growth. Through all this I have come to feel we are all of one source. We have many varied descriptions of this source and our role within it, with a thread of commonality running through them all connecting our oneness. I feel that our putting more attention to this oneness is what will bring us together as one operating force of love and understanding. It is my purpose to help oneness and unity to become our functional reality. John Halderman

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