Living Unity Consciousness Introduction

​There is something about human behavior that had not been fully understood, which is required for real change. Even with years, decades, and centuries of attempting to change selfish, abusive, harmful, and destructive behavior, this has not been addressed.
Now we can use this understanding to further awaken, grow, and change!

Discover in this video…
What is the Living Unity Consciousness idea and movement?
Why was it started?
How it got started?
What is the intended purpose for you individually, socially, and globally?

We invite you to join us with this intention of Oneness and Unity,

see more details about the Movement and this website on the Main Page.

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John Halderman

I've been studying about life, how it works and what we can do with it for over 30 years. This has included many religions, philosophies, spirituality, psychology and sciences along with my own personal discovery and growth. Through all this I have come to feel we are all of one source. We have many varied descriptions of this source and our role within it, with a thread of commonality running through them all connecting our oneness. I feel that our putting more attention to this oneness is what will bring us together as one operating force of love and understanding. It is my purpose to help oneness and unity to become our functional reality. John Halderman

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