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ou, are like an individual leaf on a tree.

You, Like An Individual Leaf On A Tree

You, are like an individual leaf on a tree… A unique part of the tree, not all of the tree, yet as One tree The whole tree both gives to you and receives from your individuality You have your own unique view, while always connected with all other leaves as One tree You are as necessary to the tree as any and all leaves, all parts
Our Unified Connection - Innate Oneness

Our Unified Connection – Innate Oneness

It is when You, We, can bridge the chasm created by our individuality and differences appearing as an actual Separation that You, We, will See and treat all people as ourselves, and operate in a functional unity. You will not mistreat anything you think you are part of, such as any aspect of your own body.

Perception As Connected

Changing your perspective, thought, and behavior requires going deeper …The root of All of your functional aspects; behavior – thought – perspective – subconscious patterns – IS Your Foundational Perceptions of Life and Self …which All functional aspects Will conform to.
Perfect Storm of Awakening to Our Unity

Perfect Storm Can Change The World

We are now in a perfect storm of possibility to change the world, will we realize this then use the opportunity for an awakening and renewal of the Oneness and unity of life, or remain mired in separation based fear and divisiveness?

We Can Have Our Beliefs And Oneness Too

Why can’t we operate our world from a view of oneness even with our various explanations about life? If we can see that the different views are valid and not feel threatened by them, we can see above them all in a sense, to our oneness.
Oneness of Mankind Tree

Our Concept Of Life And The Oneness We Are All Part Of

Can we see oneness and act in unity in the world? In the world we have many of these groups and theories, they each have claimed their own description as a firm belief in their minds, each just as fervent that theirs is the correct concept, because it makes sense to them and the group they are joined with. Then, since we are each so sure of our selves based on the fine points that each see as the proof or substantiation of their definition, that we argue amongst one another vying for title of the right description, ‘The Truth.’